Geneva Dining Chairs

Corilam Lab Classroom Adjustable Height Desks
Corilam Dresser setting
Corilam Library Curved Bookcase
Corilam Siena Patient Room

Furnishing Solutions

Corilam Fabricating Co., Inc. is committed to advanced manufacturing technology and product innovation, offering diverse fabricated furniture and custom component product solutions. Through production flexibility and individual customer care, Corilam is committed to furnishing solutions that create opportunities for our customers and ourselves.
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Why Corilam?

Corilam Fabricating Co. is dedicated to staying at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Exceptional quality and service demand the latest in equipment and technology and we constantly update both. Integrated computer design and production allows us to meet your most demanding requirements.

6 Reasons to Purchase Corilam Products

Design – Engineer – Fabricate – Deliver

For over four decades, Corilam has been committed to the production of high quality laminate products. Using industry leading equipment, Corilam integrates the most modern software with our plant machinery and 65,000 square foot production facility to provide precision components down to the finest detail.
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